New Campaign Launches to Increase Awareness about Safe Infant Sleep Practices

September 1, 2022

 FRESNO, CA: New campaign aims to educate and create awareness on safe infant sleep practices to help reduce the number of babies that die before their first birthday due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) in Fresno County. 

Although many U.S. states and territories have seen recent decreases in sleep-related infant deaths, a review of child death data for the Fresno County Black Child Legacy Campaign found that one of the leading causes of death for Black children in Fresno County (2014-2018) was Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) – the sudden, unexplained death of an infant younger than one year of age even after a full investigation — or the suffocation from an unsafe sleep environment. 

Coined Sleep Safe Baby, the campaign is funded by First 5 Fresno County and was developed by Butler Branding and informed by current data, research, and insights from subject matter experts in SIDS, including community-based organizations and leaders invested in the health and well-being of Fresno’s Black community. Research shows, awareness and education about infant safe sleep and the risk of SIDS must be relevant, realistic, and respectful of different cultures and backgrounds to achieve transformational change. For example, Black birthing persons tend to mistrust information provided by health care institutions as the focus is often on broad directives that can be perceived as blaming one’s culture/ethnicity. Mom, grandma, aunt, friends, and relatives are often more trusted and highly regarded sources of advice and information on all things baby. 

Other conclusions found that parents and caregivers are more concerned with issues “right here and right now”. SIDS is perceived as something random, unforeseeable, and distant especially when there has been no previous experience with an infant dying before their first birthday. Childcare is necessary and real; the risk of SIDS is seen as something hypothetical and abstract. 

Sleep Safe Baby is meant to uplift easy messages on best practices to keep babies sleeping safe all through their first year of life and beyond so that Fresno County families can remember and implement at home. A large focus of the campaign will be in collaboration and partnership with trusted organizations serving Black families to create and sustain a safe infant sleep movement using positive, uplifting language and tone focused on safety, comfort, and ease. 

The Sleep Safe Baby Campaign will include billboards, online presence and resources as well as be featured in community events throughout Fresno County. 

Visit to learn more about safe sleep practices, find support, or join the local #sleepsafebaby movement. 


First 5 Fresno County is a public organization that was created in 1998 when California voters passed Proposition 10, known as “The Children and Families Act.” Since its inception, F5FC has invested over $300 million of tobacco tax dollars in local initiatives and programs to support the healthy development of children born in Fresno County. All our investments support high quality preventative health, early learning, and family support services that help give children the best possible start in life. 


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